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My Mother’s Children by Annette Sills.

When Carmel Doherty learns that her deceased Irish mother had a baby in the notorious Tuam mother and baby home in County Mayo - she also discovers that her husband is having an affair with her best friend. As Carmel travels back to Ireland to discover the secrets of her fragile mother’s past, and to determine the fate of the baby brother she never knew, her life begins to unravel. This is a well written, compelling story, sassily told that poignantly illustrates how the children of Irish emigrants can subliminally inherit the shame associated with these terrible events. Set between rural Ireland, Manchester and London, it also reflects what it means to be 2nd generation Irish, proudly proclaiming a heritage of a country that, in many cases, then and now, has turned their back on them. A very thought provoking and enjoyable read.

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