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I am always working on a painting, or drawing these are a selection of recent artworks. Each piece has it's own story.

On daily walks I pass Landsdowne Road Stadium, and I have been intrigued by the tent

on the river bank. On home-match days flags fly outside. It is always spotlessly clean. Homeless people tend to be seen by others without individual identities, unlike this owner who has personalised this marginal space as their 'home.'  The owner is a bit of a mystery. 

My life is split between Dublin and Fethard on Sea in County Wexford. I particularly love this walk into the village, crossing the bridge where I can see the ducks nesting at the waters edge, and there is usually a heron, or a couple of swans nearby. The road up into the village is windy, and on a wet day the colours of the scene sparkle and seem more intense than usual.

Carnivan bay at dusk is one of my favourite places to be. As the sun sets, and the wind blows off the land, the shimmering of the surface of the sea, together with a distillation of the colours of sand and water create an atmosphere like aqueous gold.



Home Team Supporter, 2024

30 x 30 cm

Oil on board


The Road to the Village, Fethard on Sea,2024

50 x 50 cm

Oil on Canvas


Dusk at Carnivan Bay, 2023

40 x 60

Oil on Canvas


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