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I just read

A Suggestion of Scandal by Catherine Kullmann

Elegantly written and entertaining story.

This is a delightful historical novel, a regency romance that is a melding of the styles of Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen but told with contemporary social viewpoint. It is also thoroughly researched and historically accurate.

At a house party with her charge, Chloe Loring, the governess Rosa Fancourt meets an old acquaintance, Chloe’s half-brother, Sir Julian Loring. The couple strike up a relationship, but this friendship is cut short when Rosa is witness to an unsavoury incident and subsequently vanishes. Her actions giving rise to suspicion and inuendo but Sir Julian refuses to believe the rumours.

Although there is a backdrop of infidelity, jealousy and abuse, the main characters are likeable and well-drawn. This is an elegantly written and entertaining story with lots of twists and turns, a delight to read, definitely one to snuggle under the duvet cover with a glass of wine at hand!

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