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Mosaic by Carolann Copland

This compelling saga set against the backdrop of Franco’s reign of terror, in an otherwise tranquil seaside Spanish town, tells of Sonia Almez who falls in love with Enrico Sanchez. When Sonia’s brother is subsequently murdered by Franco’s Nationalists, Enrico leaves her to join the opposite forces and find his killer. But before he leaves, Sonia promises to be faithful to him until he returns. However, events occur forcing Sonia to flee from Spain and start a new life for herself in Ireland.

Once settled there, with Enrico on the run from the Nationalists and Republicans, there is no hope of Sonia returning to Spain. She is compelled to take some tough decisions and reluctantly builds a new life for herself in Ireland.

Seventy years later, Sonia’s granddaughter Shona decides to find her grandmother’s family. When she meets them and gradually uncovers Sonia’s story, she discovers secrets that would devastate all of those she loves the most back home.

This book would be a perfect holiday read for anyone travelling to Spain. It gives an insight into the Spanish Civil war, lightly drawn but well researched. But most of all it is a captivating tale of love and loss, full of intrigue that keeps the reader enthralled until the very last page.

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